Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sockie, Sockie, Bate, Bate

Lulo is going through a cute phase that has appeared more than the "screaming, tantrums, and throwing food" phase that had been happening a little too much for my liking.

At night, when I can't get him into footie pjs and he requests (uh, demands) either "penguin pants" or "crocodile pants" or "crab pants", I have been putting them on AND a pair of socks. It is still cold and the boy still refuses to let me put a blanket on him. Oh, Back to Sleep Campaign, my kids won't sleep with blankets? It looks like they are prisoners or something. Or it looks like I am a mean Mom who keeps the beds sparse and sad because I don't feel like my children deserve joy and comfort. Anyhow.

I put his little socks on and he literally takes them off 300x in the span of the 15 minutes that I sit and read him 3 books. He takes one off and goes SOCKIE SOCKIE SOCKIE. So, I replace it. Then, he takes the other one off. SOCKIE SOCKIE SOCKIE. The first 85x, I am amused and I sort of love his cute little feet and cute little socks. But by the 87th time, I am THIIIIIS close to putting his sockie somewhere unpleasant. But, I keep doing it. And you may wonder, why doesn't she just stop putting them on. Well, because he spazzes. Then you may wonder, why don't you just prevent him from taking them off. Well, because he spazzes.

And you know, I am enjoying the cute phase, the no screaming phase. Oh, and the twins are trying to nod off RIGHT NEXT door so a WAIL that could wake the dead from Lulo about a sock that I could easily replace, well, it's not worth all THREE screaming. So, little sockies on and off, on and off.

In the morning, we usually hang out and his new thing is he wants to "bate bate" (pronounced vat-ay, vat-ay for you gringos out there). Oh little Dora, how you teach us Spanish and teach us to bate bate. BATE BATE CHOCOLATE, MIX YOUR CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE. I do a little dance just singing it. When I make pancakes, waffles, muffins etc. in the morning, I always now ask Luk if he wants to BATE BATE and he loves to. My little budding baker. BATE BATE CHOCOLATE. Come on, shake it, sing it, stir it. Do the dance. It's addictive.

Anyhow, we haven't vatayed much lately because it seems that mixing up a batch of chocolate chip muffins after EB would defeat the purpose. Today, I think we ran up stairs and ran down a ramp for about 30 minutes....maybe it was 15. But we ran up a lot of stairs. Stairs, weirdly, don't bother me. This may be a direct result of my house made of stairs. I can move up and down stairs. I rock at stairs. It was the HOPPING up the stairs that was a little challenging. I had to hold on to the railing or my mad hopping skills were seriously stunted. Why can't I hop? Is this a difficult skill? Don't 2 year olds have this skill down?

We also did A LOT of stomach work. Hovering, then hovering on our left side, then our right. Then hovering and then sticking our butts up in the air then hovering again. No break. Yeah, I was adorable.

Tomorrow at EB I am going to suggest a little BATE BATE a la Dora to get the party started. I believe this works the arms, the abs, and if you put your ass into it, I am fairly sure that it is more efficient than lunges and squats.

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  1. So cute!!! And Brianna did not really start using blankets until she was in a real bed and they are basically tucked in-LOL. I am so glad EB is going well again-GO TINA!!!