Monday, March 23, 2009

Costco Fever

Alright folks. I just went to Costco after a loooooooooooooooooooooong day. And I thought, ok, how bad can it be? People fled to Costco this weekend for their large muffins and extremely large container of pineapple. Monday after 7 is a good time to go to Costco.

Well, no, no it is not.

Last week I sent Nanny the Great (yes, there are 2 nannies, at different times) to Costco for me with a list of stuff. I think I have done this 1200 times with no problem. Last week, they confiscated my card and told her to leave the premises. Nice. Totally a time saver. So, I had to schlep to Costco to get my card. I gave the "manager" a lecture about consistency which he completely did not understand and I left with my last 4 containers of formula (yeah!) and some diapers.

So, today, since I couldn't send Nanny the Great due to the aforementioned incident which has resulted in a "Manager's Hold" on my card, I went at night. After work, after dinner, after bed time, after bath time.

Here's what I don't get and maybe you can illuminate this for me. Or, I guess I do get it but I don't like it...

WHY ARE THERE CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF TWO STILL AWAKE AND RUNNING AROUND COSTCO AT EIGHT P.M. ? No, seriously. Why? Don't parents understand the value of sleep and a schedule and routine. The kids were overstimulated, tired, freaking out, dragging their poor little feet. Children need a schedule. They thrive on one. Rest helps their little mind rejuvenate. Kids don't need to be at Costco at 8 pm. They need to be in their jammies and if not asleep, close to it. KIDS SHOULD NOT BE AT COSTCO ON A MONDAY AT EIGHT!!!

The lines were obscene.

The people coughing without covering their mouths were abundant. Flu season people. Seriously, embrace it.

Those muffins are really big.

There was a big little girl (maybe 6) in a too small pink tank top downing a large hot dog. She was enjoying every second of it. Meanwhile, she was no doubt catching PNEUMONIA because it was 55 degrees outside and she shouldn't have been outside in a tank top.

I bought a Rotisserie Chicken. I have much love for the Rotiss. You cut it up and can use it in salads, enchiladas, pasta, chicken salad, ANYTHING. Oh, Rotiss, you sing to me. And no I didn't even sneak a little bit of that yummy Rotiss skin...nope, no I didn't.

Oh, and the best part was...after all that walking up and down the aisles, my knees were PAINLESS. EB was pretty good today. We ran, but not too much. I managed to do jumping jacks without looking like a geriatric. I did four counts in 6 counts, 8 counts in 12 counts, and ran without limping. It's all good people, all good.

And so, dear Costco. When can I come within your walls and not have to battle the evils of our society? Children without routine, people with poor hygiene, and large serving sizes that I am certain are contributing to the obesity problem in America. Seriously. Costco was gross today. I need a drink.


  1. Oh and don't go around noon on a weekend day either. After navigating my way around people who are idiots with carts and all the food samples, I get in line behind this woman. Just as I get comfortable waiting, this man comes up with a FULL cart and says he is with the woman in front of me and then proceeds to bring over ANOTHER full cart!!! Needless to say I switched to another line. And as for young children in supermarkets at 7-9 pm, I have seen that too and I am always just amazed. I am there after my kid is sound asleep and I guess I forget that not everyone's kids have a decent bed time. I personally think it is sad because I have yet to see a kid that looks chipper at that time of night in the grocery store.

  2. sounds like you were over stimulated as well?