Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Being Safe Instead of Sorry

Last night I was really tired from the weekend so I thought I would crash the minute Big Love was over. But, as Big Love wore on, I started to feel really, really lousy. Sick, achy, throat hurting, lousy. So, I drank juice, swallowed down Vitamin C, took some meds, and laid down. Then, I spent the next 7 hours swallowing to see if my throat still hurt...does anyone else do this?

I am an insomniac. I have been since high school. There are many nights that I lay there going over lists in my brain. Thinking about a client, an opposing counsel, a book, the kids, the Night Stalker, etc. etc.

J thinks I am an insomniac because of the blue glow emitted by the two video monitors I have on my night stand. It's almost like Christmas with the little red lights that flash JUST BECAUSE of the static. Why can't these monitor companies figure out how to get rid of the red lights just for static? Anyhow, that is neither here nor there. There were no monitors in high school. I still couldn't sleep.

And then last night, my swallowing festivities really created extra sleep issues:
10:15 My throat hurts.
10:20 Swallow
10:21 Yep still hurts.
11:45 Swallow
11:46 Yep still hurts.
2:30 Swallow
2:31 Yep still hurts.

I need help. I think it is just because I knew I couldn't do EB if I felt crappy. So, I kept laying there hoping I would feel better.

And then, I heard a baby cry. So I looked at the first monitor - no crying. Then, I looked at the second monitor. No crying. I called J in the office - he wasn't crying. He didn't obtain a baby through the window. J was annoyed that I called asking him about babies.

So, I freaked out. Then, I started thinking about this forwarded email I got. The forward said to never open your door just because you hear a baby cry because the new scam is to get someone to open the door and then commit manslaughter. But then, I got worried that some baby was out there. And I laid in bed, waiting for more crying. Thinking about manslaughter.

It was a fun night. I didn't go to EB this morning. My throat still hurts. I am still alive. There are no babies on my doorstep. There are three in my house. All is well. And, no, I am not crying.


  1. LOL I got that same forwarded email-creepy!!! And I have insomnia sometimes too-Sundays seem to be the worst day for that. I think we start thinking of all that needs to get done that week and the mind is hard to shut off!!

  2. I got that forward too! The throat-swallow thing to "check" if I am sick is my scientific method for screening for sickness too! Feel better my dear...

  3. Those e-mails make me so damn sad. I get sadder still reading the comments that precede the forward "it always helps to be smart about this" or "this one sounds real"...


    Please, please, just don't read them. Just don't read them. It takes a sick mind to write this stuff.


  4. I replied to your comment on my hysteria post... And just another friendly service announcement...

    No more e-mail forwards!!! Don't read them and don't pass them on! I beg you all...