Wednesday, March 25, 2009


How did this happen? My twins are 1. We survived the first year. Oh, I am just so overwhelmed with this day. And, because I am a pessimist by nature, I am overwhelmed by the fact that they are ok, that we are ok. That things did indeed turn out fairly well.

Oh, yes. The first five months or so, I pretty much wanted to die. The sleep deprivation was horrible. The search for a proper nanny was pretty terrible. But, now, we are here on the other side and it is bright and cheery! Yeah, God!

What a blessing and joy Juju and Jojo are. Being greeted by their smiles every morning is like magic. To think that one year ago today, I got a glimpse of them as soon as they were delivered and then they were immediately taken to the NICU and then I didn't see them until I could move (which wasn't until late that night.) I can't believe that they were so tiny, so fragile, and so unknown to me just one year ago. Oh, there were so many things that could have gone wrong, that didn't go wrong. Wow. Like I said, I am overwhelmed.
Jojo is fiery. Full of energy. He laughs and smiles a lot. His laugh is a gurgle and it is funny to hear. I wish I could bottle his laugh. His eyes dance and he is always looking around, exploring, thinking, and mesmerized by Lulo. He has one tooth and doesn't walk or crawl. He sits and chills or he stands. He isn't chunky and he isn't skinny. He is just right - he is almost muscular.

Juju is changing personalities as of late. He started out very very mellow. He only cried when something was amiss. He slept good. He never caused any issues. Now, he wants more attention. He is still pretty mellow but is becoming serious, dolling out his smiles for the truly special occasions. He is chunky, cuddly, and lovable.

Happy Birthday to my little Angels. I celebrate them.


  1. Can you believe you made it!? I know this day never felt like it would come..but YOU did it!! Happy Birthday to the twins! I am happy for ALL of you :)

  2. Yay for the boys!!!! I am so glad that things have turned out so well with both of them. It was worth the horrible days in the hospital :) Sometimes I wish the same were true for us but who knows why things happen the way they do?? I may have a tough time believing in miracles (sorry it is just hard for me sometimes) but I am truly happy that one happened for one of my friends :) Have a wonderful time celebrating tonight and I can't wait until Sunday's party!!!