Thursday, March 12, 2009


I woke up this morning, at 4:45. Got out of bed, got dressed, came downstairs, filled up my cup of coffee, and sat to check my email before getting in the car and going to EB. A client who is SUCH a nice guy (and happens to be in the middle of a dispute with a slightly unreasonable person) sent me an e-mail telling me, among other things, that he starts chemo tomorrow.

Long sigh.

Sometimes, an e-mail like that gives you some perspective. It's not like I was all gung ho trademark guru with this dispute that he finds himself battling. However, I am his advocate. And as an advocate for a person, not "just" a client, I just want to say (and basically did say along with some solid legal advice) - trademarks in the grand scheme are not something to worry your head about while you are dealing with chemo. Trademarks, small potatoes. I think he knew that too. I hope he does. And I pray for him.

So, I go in my car. Thinking about my client. And not thinking about my knees because my knees weren't aching because my Daddy gave me Celebrex. Actually, I ached a little bit but nothing that I'd blog about. Then we did stretches, I took it easy with calisthenics, and then we ran. About a mile in my knees were just DONE. I longed for Estelle Getty, a comedic genius with impeccable timing, to drop a wheelchair on my head from heaven. But alas, there was no wheelchair. I limped back.

The good news is that I managed to chat with DI-Size0 on my spiritless jog. I like her. She is determined. She seemed serious at first and I thought maybe that was her EB Modus Operandi. But, I think she is a serious person. She was also knowledgeable and encouraged me to take tomorrow off. Actually, no, she suggested I take tomorrow off and then said, "what do you think?" And I said, "um, yeah, ok, sure." I guess she doesn't know that I too, am determined. But, I know she is right. Tendinitis needs rest. All I need are blown out knees while living in a house made of stairs.

Well, when we got back to base and we were all stretching and stuff...I said to the group, social butterfly that I am, we should have a group on Facebook for EB and we can all join and chat about how much pain we are in and how much chocolate we want to eat a la Fatso: "Did you ever suck the jelly out of a jelly doughnut and then fill it with chocolate swirl ice cream?"

Anyhow, I noticed this glimpse between DI-Size0 and the other DI. Is Facebook a no no between DIs and us measly boot campers. When is it not appropriate to have a Facebook relationship? I need to look into that.

I have never mentioned this other DI because he took Week 2 off. He is what appears to be a very nice guy. He, for example, helped me carry my bag the other day when I was falling apart. That's nice, right? Anyhow, let's call him DI-MC. MC for his initials because my throbbing knees are sapping the creative juices right out of me. MC could also stand for Mr. Crazy about DI-Size0. Huh? What?

Well, I had been noticing that DI-Size0 and DI-MC text an awful lot for 5:30 am. Who is up at that time? No one. Well, maybe some people but you'd think you wouldn't be texting the people who are productively up at 5:30. So, I get home and put their names in Facebook. (Oh, Facebook, you are like reading someone's diary except it's ok). And of course DI-MC's profile is public. AND HE IS "IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH DI-SIZE0!" Now, that, is who you text at 5:30 am.

Imagine these texts flying back and forth:
DI-Size0: Does Tina think that is a push up?
DI-MC: I hope not.
DI-Size0: Well, I hope she doesn't think that eating this way is going to help her lose weight.
DI-MC: I know, you could land a plane on her ass, right?
DI-Size0: It's early, huh?
DI-MC: Um, damn cold too.
DI-Size0: Well, we should start running soon.
DI-MC: Would you call what Tina does running?
DI-Size0: Well, no it's not running. But if we want to finish EB on time today we better get her on her way. We may still be here tonight if she doesn't start running now.
DI-MC: Good point.

Anyhow, I looked at their cute pictures on Facebook. And I was happy to see that DI-Size0 is indeed a Size 0 in normal clothes. I was also happy to see that both of them don't just run around in fatigues all day long. For some reason, after the "ew" factor went away, their "in a relationship" status made me feel like L-O-V-E was in the air. Weird. Oh, and now I even have a new friend on Facebook! Fun, fun.

Then, I looked lovingly at J and he said - "my Cousin C's wife is angry that you didn't invite them to the twins' birthday party". And, so, my loving gaze immediately became a grimace.

Wuh? Huh? Who? Which cousin? They are all named C. Why can't your people (Peruvians) choose DIFFERENT NAMES for their offspring. Anyhow, I apparently, have caused offense. Cousin C's wife wasn't here not even two months ago. Cousin C's kid was living in the same house with another cousin and their family.

And so, I sent ONE invitation to the house with various surnames on the envelope so everyone would feel included. I pretty much do the same thing every time I am crazy enough to throw a party. I DID INVITE COUSIN C's kid. BUT. Dear people. Cousin C's kid no longer lived there. Was I supposed to know this? Wuh, Huh? I need to learn Quechua or Spanish or whatever language I appear to be not proficient in because I guess I was supposed to know this somehow. These Peruvians have Inca blood. They move around too much. And I am moving to slow, and in this case, my knees having nothing to do with it. The funny thing (or funny to me) is that this C, Jr. is the sweetest kid. Well behaved. Quiet. Sweet. Eats well. This is a child I'd want influencing other children during this partay. And yet, I apparently have failed to invite him in a move that flies in the face of all etiquette.

Long Sigh. And, now, see...we are full circle. PERSPECTIVE PEOPLE. You have to be kidding me. Did I really need to have an upset J today because I supposedly didn't invite Cousin C's kid? Is there a smidgen of a possibility that maybe it wasn't intentional? Can't we just be happy we have this big, crazy, fun family with parties, and fun? Did DI-Size0 (who is so cute with DI-MC) really have to tell me the equivalent of "DON'T COME TOMORROW"? Shouldn't I know that? Hello, McFly? Sometimes you just need a little bit of a reality check, eh.

I just got an e-mail back from my client. He got my e-mail this morning. He thanked me for "putting things into perspective."

Um, no, thank you for putting things into perspective.

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  1. LOL What a day!!!Did you ever call to fix the party situation?? Enjoy your day off from EB and you will be raring to go on Monday :)