Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Fiesta

I am not a hostess by nature. Today we had the twins' first year birthday party. We had a lot of people over - family (from near and far), friends (old and new), my nurses from the hospital (now friends), and a bunch of kids. The day was beautiful, the kids had fun, there was food and merriment. J finally "finished" the backyard (more or less) but it looks AMAZING. He did a good job. In fact, we TOTALLY can throw tons of parties now this summer. Too bad I am a sucky hostess.

Seriously, of all the wonderful genes my Mom failed to pass on, one was the hostess gene. I have watched my mother effortlessly host parties of 4 to parties of 100+ and she doesn't break a sweat. She smiles the whole time, the food is always amazing (and SHE makes it), and everyone always seems to have an amazing time.

I, on the other hand, suck. I mean, maybe everything turns out OK. The food, usually take out, is here. But, even with all the help that I receive from the pizza folks and Costco and family and nannies. I totally break a sweat. I pretty much totter around and I don't make anything look easy or effortless. I look exhausted. I feel exhausted. I always know I could have done better. I suck at the hostess thing. This is something that I want to improve on but I don't think I can really. I mean. I am always going to be all stressed out about stuff "turning out ok".

Of course, I have always believed my mother was in a league of her own. And I still do believe this - she is enchanting, graceful, and skilled. But, a few weeks ago we went to my friend's kid's birthday party and seriously, she rocks. The food was amazing and she made it. Her house was right out of the Pottery Barn catalog. And she was skinny. And she has a full time job. And she has 2 kids. I was jealous :) And I now know, I have NO excuse for being so lame.

The day was so fun though. It was great see how cute the boys looked. They were in a fairly decent mood all day with a few crying spells. Everyone enjoyed them and so did I.

My son, Lulo, hated the bouncy thing. This is genetic and I am glad I have passed on that very positive trait. I hate the Bouncy Bouncy too. I have resisted the Bouncy Bouncy for 2.5 years and for this party I had to give in: (1) we have a backyard now and (2) what are 30 kids going to do for 3 hours if there is no Bouncy Bouncy. I sort of swore that I would NEVER get a Bouncy Bouncy. So, today, I ate my words (and many other things that would anger my DIs.) Anywho, I think parents like it when you exhaust their children in the Bouncy Bouncy and then they take home sleepy children that CRASH at night. That is good. Parents like me tonight.

It was totally cool to see my nurses from the hospital. It sort of brought the year around full circle. The three ladies who showed up to the party got me through 80 days. Wow. Ups and downs, tears, laughter, food, sickness, frustration, fear. They helped me get those boys and for them, I will always be grateful. I think they had fun seeing them too. I think we all sort of wondered how the year passed so quickly.

I saw my best friend R who I haven't seen since she brought her daughter home from the hospital. Her little angel is SO CUTE, so teeny. She was sweet and lovely, and I don't think I heard her cry the ENTIRE time she was here. She was wearing a cute little skirt and a cute little top (that I got her ;)). She had cute little fingers and cute little toes. She has BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES. And you know what that little angelic girl made me think of....

....I DEFINITELY DON'T WANT TO TRY FOR A GIRL!!! Ha, ha. Nope. Not me. I don't want to do this baby stuff again. Not. Having. A. Girl. Not. Having. More. Babies. Done, done, and done. Don't ask me. You know why? Because the answer WON'T CHANGE!! DONE!

I am soooo happy we made it to this 1 year birthday party.
I am soooo happy that we made our last pitcher of Enfamil formula on Thursday.
I am soooo happy that the tears from now on will lessen.
I am soooo happy they are going to be more mobile (I think).

Um, yeah TOTALLY DONE WITH LITTLE BABIES!!! TOTALLY! Dancing! Shakin it!!! Bate Bate. Shimmying. Done, done, done. They are ONE!! YEAH!! I had my LAST FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Hee hee hee. Shakin it.

OK. This hostess is going to go pass out now. I am happy I got here...with these boys, with J, with this fabulous day, with amazing family and supportive, loving friends. I am happy here on the other side of the first birthday party of my twins. What a day!


  1. Very nice made me smile. :) You did a great job hostessing with all the people there, the crying spells...all of it. Maybe you got the recessive hostess gene that pops up here and there. :)

  2. I agree with Mini!! You were a great host, we all had a wonderful time, and seriously, my kid wants to come back to your house (she said that as we were leaving-LOL). So I would say your were a VERY successful hostess.