Monday, March 30, 2009


The alarm went off today, Week 6, Day 1. Woh boy. I fell asleep at 8:30 last night which technically means that I slept 8 hours but, let me tell you after all that twin partying I did yesterday, I started interrogating myself about the need to go to EB. So, I snoozed. Then, I got up at 5 and freaked that I would be late. I got there on time. I could have snoozed another time - I need to be a better snoozer.

So much jump roping. We were supposed to be aiming for 300 jumps in 3 minutes. Uh huh, yeah. I got to 173. And I am fairly sure that my jumps caused the earthquake in San Francisco today. Yep, I started the ripple effect that caused the earthquake.

Then we did some sitting against the wall (no chair - what's up with that?) Lunges. Squats. We also did something awful called a bear crawl. Bears would never do this shit. Bears are totally lazy animals. It was impossible. We had weights in our hands and we were in push up position but with our asses in the air. Poor helicopters. Anyhow, then we crawled. That kicked my butt, seriously. It is really hard. Go try it. If that is how bears feel when they walk around, I totally get hibernation. Bears snooze so they don't have to do a bear crawl.

Oh, so many painful things. And now, tonight, I am wiped out. I didn't feel good when I woke up and I still don't. Just achey and my throat hurts. I NEED TO MAKE IT THROUGH WEEK 6. I can't miss. I feel like my knees already made me miss like a week - I can't miss any more!!!

I feel challenged. Challenged at EB. Challenged at life. Challenged at motherhood. How will I make it through the next 4 days sick? How will I make dinner most every night for the next 50 years? How will I make it through three children going through the terrible twos and threes? I don't have this kind of patience. Seriously.

I need to snooze.

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  1. LOL!!! I agree bears are lazy as hell but you know somehow they are strong enough to climb trees?? Weird!! And the way you make it through the next 50 years and surviving motherhood is to have great friends to go to Burke Williams with, right Mini??? And pig out at Cheesecake factory :)