Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Puzzle Pieces.

20 months ago today, the twins were born after a long hard pregnancy. And so, of course, today on Thanksgiving-eve, I am thankful for a whole boatload of stuff - my family and friends most of all.

But, today, 20 months to the day of their glorious and splendid birth, I am very thankful for the fact after many many attempts over the last several months and a heated session this evening in the garage, J and I finally figured out how to fit the twin stroller AND Lulo's stroller in the trunk of the minivan.

If that is not a marker of success in a marriage and in parenthood, then I don't know what is. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. There is nothing trivial about feeling victorious in a moment like that. I think I did a happy dance for days when I figured out how to fit our bulky tandem stroller in the back of our Corolla. :o)