Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Discrimination in the Work Place

I know this is primarily a blog talking about my family and life and stuff. But, I do work. I am an attorney and my husband and I have our own practice specializing in intellectual property. The only reason the area of law is relevant is because this is not Family Law or some area where you may prefer to have a male or female attorney because of some kind of philandering issue or some money grubbing whore issue. Anyhow, the reason I bring this up is because today my Assistant fielded a call from a potential client that I thought was so comical and I am trying to get to the bottom of it.

The man called and said he wanted a "male attorney only." My assistant (a female) asked him what kind of issue this was regarding and he responded "internet law". She told him that the "man" here does not really do internet law and that most of these matters are handled by ME (not a man) and that I am FABULOSA.

He tried to convince her to put him through to the "man." (Seriously, he did.) But she was wise and did not put him through. (A) J would tell him that he does not handle internet matters and (B) on principle alone, GO FIND A MAN ELSEWHERE!!!

This firm was founded by a woman. Look at our WEBSITE (which is where he found us) - 75% WOMEN ATTORNEYS. Figure it out.

And because I am a discriminating a-hole with a middle eastern father who I respect and love dearly even though he'd rather talk to J than me, I asked her if he sounded like an AY-rab. Nope. No accent. And so, it was just some dude who likes dudes. And I don't get it? A porno website? Maybe that is the only thing - lots of tits and ass on the website and so he was like, how can I ask a woman to click the OVER 18 box and look at tits and ass? Just thought this was humorous. A MAN ONLY. A penis is the only thing that could solve his internet issue? Bastard. Hope he finds a MAN who charges him too much and does not pay for his porno subscription. OK, am I wrong here? Seriously, I don't get it. Why call a professional law office and ask for a man? I get wanting a woman gynecologist, I even get wanting a particular sex for a family lawyer, but OUR firm? Seriously? Gimme a break.

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