Monday, November 16, 2009

What Should I Feed the Natives?

I cook big people food and they don't eat it. (Disregard my last post, I can cook pretty decent's been six years after all.)

I make kid friendly stuff - pasta without sauce, pasta with sauce, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, french fries, potatoes. They don't eat it.

I buy total crap - McDonalds? Cheeseburgers, Nuggets, Fries, etc. They don't eat it.


Seriously. I don't know what to feed them. Breakfast is the only meal that is even bearable anymore. They'll eat pancakes, waffles, french toast, cereal. OK. Easy.

Lunch, I struggle to think up something that they will eat. Don't tell me to roll up lunch meat in something. THEY DON'T EAT IT! I think and think for the whole morning. I try to vary it up...but THEY DON'T EAT ANYTHING.

Dinner is more of the same. They eat a few bites of this and that. Then start spitting, throwing, Jojo wants to get out of his chair. Juju sees Jojo act up and then he starts acting up.

I totally don't know what to do or make or give them anymore. And so help me God, if one more kid throws something at me, I am moving out.

I am incredibly frustrated with them. I have sort of given up on Lulo, if he doesn't eat what I put in front of him. He doesn't eat. I am not going to make 12 things so that his Highness will have something to eat. With that said, the twins are little. What am I supposed to do? Sort of losing it. They are smiling and cute and hydrated. And their weight is fine. I REFUSE TO BE A SHORT ORDER COOK. I CANNOT MAKE one thing and two backups and something different for Lulo and then Jojo and then Juju. What do I do? Seriously? Am I being shitty? Am I supposed to do that? One meal for each of them, and then backups, and then something for Julio and I. That's like 7 meals. I can barely make 1.

I suck at this. Seriously. Suck. At. This. Losing my mind, not my lap.

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  1. I refuse to make separate meals for everyone. I always thought I would be an easy going mom when it comes to meals... until I had quadruplets. If I made everyone something different I would spend all day cooking. (The only time I do something different is when I make soup. One of mine refuses to eat soup. Don't know why). When my picky eater decided she didn't like mac and cheese, I bought Annie's bunny shaped mac and cheese... worked like a charm. Maybe dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets (you can get them at Target) or other "shaped" food would help? Good luck.