Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hi Lulo.


What's your name?


How old are you?


Where do you live?


No, where do you live Lulo?


We honestly might as well live in Peru or any number of third world countries because this place is sort of reminiscent of the mediocre neighborhoods in most third world countries I have visited.

Everyday I sort of wish I could pick up my house by it's base and MOVE IT to another city. I hate this place. J and I had an agreement (not in writing but generally understood) that this move to Ponona was temporary. Maybe 5 years. It has been 3 and there is no end in sight...maybe another 5 years. Maybe until one of us gets shot and it's just too sad to live here because of the memories.

I have gone to our local Smart & Final several times as of late because it's the closest place with food. It is vile. Obesity and bad smells are everywhere. The lines are long. The bums and cholos loitering outside abound. At least they admit it and tell me that Jesus is helping them with their crack addiction if I buy their candy. They also commended my choice of pumpkin as I gripped my minivan key fob alarm button.

Also, this morning I went to the Ponona Courthouse North to deal with my speeding ticket because the City was too lame-o to send me a courtesy notice. There was a guy ahead of me who provided his Costco card as ID. He also argued that it was his constitutional right to get an extension on his driving ticket.

Mind you, at Planned Parenthood down the street in Ponona, a woman cannot walk in without getting mobbed by anti-abortion protesters so she can get an abortion for a fetus in her own body. What you do with your own body is barely a right that can be exercised. But, getting an extension on a traffic ticket in Ponona is apparently constitutional...that and bearing arms.

I hate this place. How can I move a house?


  1. Hi Tina,

    I saw your comment at the How Do You Do It? blog and the Ponona really caught my eye. I was born and raised in So Cal and I know it well. I really feel for you ... I was a resident of Fontana for awhile and felt the same about that place.

    Keep your spirits up ... I too had 3 under 2 for the better part of 8 months. I assure you that it gets easier ... mine are now 4, 3, & 3 and they are mostly fun now.

  2. OMG Tina...I loved the comment about being there until someone gets shot and the memories become too much so THEN you move...and the Costco card as ID?!?! Sigh...I hate to agree that Ponona DOES suck, but at least you live in the good part of Ponona :) LOL.