Monday, November 2, 2009

A Time to Read, A Time for Every Purpose

One of my favorite things in the world is to read. I love it. Give me time and leisure and I read. J and I went on vacation to the Domincan Republic in August. We were gone for 9 days and I read five or six books (between naps and meals) and lots of magazines...anything I could get my hands on including the SkyBuy magazine where I could buy anytihng for anything and would seroiusly never buy nothing. Decadence. Seriously.

You know what is weird is that I was in the hospital for 3 months gestating the twins and hooked up to monitors and required to remain on my back 24 hours a day and I never read. Nothing. I maybe read an article here or there in a random magazine. But, I could not focus. Could not read for pleasure. I worked. I read work stuff. But, not one page of one novel. I could have read like 80 books in 80 days. I read none. Weird.

I guess I am thinking about this right now because I have not read since I got back from the DR. I thought at first it was because I read so much that my little brain needed a break. But, really, I think when things are not in some order, when there is no peace, my mind cannot enjoy reading and so why bother. I typically read to escape and go to another place for a little while. But, how can I escape when my attention is required here. So weird.

Tonight, I feel like picking up a book again. Are things falling into place again? I hope so. I have a stack here calling to me. It's a time to read.

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  1. I am totally the same way! For some reason from January until about May when I was pregnant with Katelyn (and trying to decide what to do about Brianna and school in the fall) I could not focus on my audiobooks at all-I had to listen to music to quiet my soul maybe??? And I LOVE to read too. Interesting....... So glad to hear that you are relaxing more now :)