Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Despite Appearance to the Contrary

Lulo has taken to asking me 20 times a day (usually at dinner when I am at my most irritable because no one is eating and the twins are throwing things) whether I am happy.

"Are you happy, Mama? Mama, are you happy?"

Is he confirming that I am happy or is he questioning whether I am happy?

If there is a difference between the two, I hope it is the former that he is after.

Let me confirm: I am happy, Lulo.


  1. Zachary used to do that too!? How funny..."are you happy?" I would always answer yes. That's good - he is actually focusing on someone other than himself - which is what they USUALLY do at that age. LOL. :) What a cutie!

  2. I love that! Brianna still does that when she can tell that I am mad at her about something. And then she will say, I know what will make you happy-I am going to hug and kiss you! GEEZ!! It makes it hard to stay mad :)