Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You mean, Flip Flops?

I picked Lulo up at school today and I watched him bus his own dishes after lunch. He carried his dish from the table to the trash, he used his spoon to put the food he did not eat in the trash, and put his dirty plate in the bin. He also spilled his leftover milk in the sink and did the same thing with his glass.

Who is this little boy?

My personal favorite part was HOW he put the dirty plate in the bin. Rather than place it gently, he THREW it in there. SLAM. LOL. My little delicate darling boy. He goes through all the trouble of nicely carrying and cleaning his dish and then he SLAMS it in there. Apparently, this is the fashion. The teacher looked at me and said, "they are all doing that." I wondered for a moment, did Lulo teach them to do that? Probably. Sigh.


Lulo is just leaving for the park and he said he wanted to wear his FAT FLOPS. You mean your "flip flops". Yes, my "fat flops." OK. I kissed him and said "bye, have fun." Then he said, "in a while crocodile".


Speaking of fat flopping, I am on my fifth week of my second session of EB.

The fat is flopping less; but it flops nonetheless.

I sort of did something today that I never imagined I'd do in my wildest dreams. I did TWO boot camp classes today. Because I have missed two classes this session, I have two to make up and I only have two weeks to do it. You may be wondering how I am feeling. My ass is kicked. Seriously. That was a hard class, too. Not that any class is la di da but...

We had partners and while one partner sprinted a lap around the parking lot we were at; the other partner had to engage in some assigned torture (jump roping, crunches, hovering, bicycle crunches, push jacks with five pound weight in each hand, etc. etc.) until their partner returned. Um, my poor partner was probably like, "dude if she makes me do one more crunch I am going to kick her ass." Sigh. Poor girl. She was nice though. Probably is thinking "DON'T MATCH ME UP WITH MOLASSES AGAIN."

Of course, at the second class, I was matched up with someone a bit slower than me (if that is possible). That kicked my bootie. Seriously.

The good news of course is that I am losing weight. Pants are fitting better. I am really enjoying myself. I am well on my way to being ready for a good plastic surgeon to have a go at me.


And now, I work. The fat flops. I return triumphantly to blogging. The world is at peace. So long.

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  1. Loving the story about genteel Lulo :) LOL. I am glad it's/you are back. I kept your link in my toolbar in good faith you would return :)