Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hyper. Woohoo!

Today my energy is OFF THE CHART - I pretty much want to run around the house in CIRCLES but in Pomona this would be a bad idea for a few reasons: 1. It is hotter than residing on the sun. 2. I may get shot. 3. I may get questioned by the kind officers that often patrol our streets about why I am running around like I am on something. Can you imagine my answer? "I am on happy thoughts and caffeine and woohoo Boot Camp Baby BRING IT!" No seriously. I am odd right now. I keep making happy, excited remarks to J and I think he is confused.

It is the 6th week of my second session of EB. Tomorrow, I think we are running our 3 miles. I am sort of excited to see how I feel at the end of it because I am contemplating running a 5k in July. I remember last session I sort of was amazed I did it, but tired. This session I feel like I sort of got a little bit better at everything, even jump roping. I am no veteran but I definitely can do more and feel better.

I am also nervous about our weigh-in, measuring, and test out on Friday. I have been really strict with Weight Watchers. I have been going to boot camp. Because I made up 2 of the classes I missed, I technically did not miss a class. And last night, sit down folks, I asked J if he felt like going for a jog with me. Yeah, I know, weird. Not like I get extra credit but...I WANTED TO jog. We jogged 1.9 miles. J, of course, kicked my ass and ran circles around me even though he is stationary 98% of the time. But, he was kind enough to stay within spitting distance from me because, you know, we live in Pomona.

Alas, all is good. Not really sure why I am nervous considering the only one I have to prove anything to is ME. But, I don't know...just a milestone I guess. I always like when I see changes instead of "WOOHOO, you lost three pounds, you are still obese, have a nice day." I would much prefer "WOOHOO, you lost 12 pounds, 900 inches, and you are less obese now, have a nice day." I think I can get into that! Woo.Hoo.

With that said, I am also looking for a new car. Last week or was that two weeks ago, hmmmph, the lease on my Lexus SUV was up. I took it to the dealer. Experienced nostalgia. After all, this was the car in which I brought home all three of my babies. This was the car in which J drove me to the hospital while I was in labor. (Yes, he did take a client call while we were driving.) Good memories. Good car.

So, now I am e-mailing every dealer within a 50 mile radius selling the cars we are interested in and asking them to make me a quote. I heart Internet sales. SOOO much easier once you know the car you want. No nonsense. And any nonsense is in writing and all I have to do is click DELETE BABY. DELETE YOUR HARD SALE. DELETE YOUR ATTITUDE. I don't have to buy from you! Wow, that feels good. WOW. WOOHOO.

Even though Internet sales are less annoying, they are still a little annoying. I honestly don't GET why they insist on getting your phone number to call you! I DIDN'T GIVE IT TO YOU BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO TALK. I DON'T WANT TO BE HASSLED. I DON'T WANT WOOD TRIM. Just tell me what I want. Make me want to buy your car. Don't bug me. Do these people know that they are two shakes from being BANKRUPT? {Just as an aside, Honda was really good at this "no hassle Internet sales" when I got my sexy minivan. So far in my car search, Acura is kicking the ass of all other car dealers. So, the Honda family has apparently figured things OUT!}

I think it is a bad idea to run to a car dealer tonight before I run 3 miles tomorrow. What am I going to do with all this ENERGY! My goodness gracious. Hmmm...maybe I can clean the garage so that the new car that I get will have space in the garage. Drumming fingers.

Woo.Hoo. I may just do that.

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  1. Can you bottle that energy and sell it to me please?? LOL Good luck with all the car stuff-so much fun!!