Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pain in the Neck.

My neck hurts REAL bad. It has been hurting on and off for weeks, maybe months. But it gets better and then it gets worse. I have noticed that even when it feels better (more or less), I do not have the full range of motion in my neck. There is always a position in my neck that hurts. But when it HURTS, it is excruciating. I could cry if I had the time to think about the pain. If you touch my neck - it feels like a rock.

This long weekend I went to my parents' house with the kids and my Dad informed me that I had a muscle spasm and gave me some sttttttttrrrrrong meds - one for pain, one muscle relaxant. Last night, as I tossed and turned, I felt waaay less pain. I woke up today groggy, sleepy, and my neck still hurt. So, to rectify that, I am going take more meds. "Hi There Darvocet. Come to Mama." Fun, fun, fun.

Speaking of neck pain, Lulo is in RARE form. Today started with him kicking the crap out of me because he didn't want to put his shoes on to go to school. So, after WRESTLING with my two year old, I put him in the car sans shoes and figured he would be easier to handle when restrained by his five point harness. Anyone got a 12 point harness? Anyone? Is this thing on?

Yeah, so I wrestled again with him RESTRAINED in a 5 point harness. Won this time. Go me. I can only imagine the other parents in the parking lot. Me, restraining my kid, saying "Stop It" "Chill Out Lulo". You would think that we were both two years old. But, DUDE, he needed to have shoes on. He wailed when we got there, wailed while I was signing him in. Ms. K gave him a hug and he wailed. And then I "left" and watched him through the window. He stopped crying faster than Diego beckons Click the Camera a la Rosie Perez. Is he SERIOUS?

I called after 45 minutes to see if he was ok. "Oh, yeah. He is fine. He is dancing and can't wait to go outside." OK.

I am not understanding Lulo lately. We get home. He naps. He wakes up after 2+ hours. He goes to the park. We eat dinner. He gets angry about the appropriate usage of his fork and flings it at Nanny Extraordinaire. Nice. Puncture wound with your fish?

Then, he WAILS when we are gonna go upstairs so his Dad takes him outside to play. Then, he wails coming up the stairs. Wails in the bath. "I don't wanna take a bath. I don't wanna." Wails getting OUT of the 12 second "bath" I managed to get in. Wails getting dressed. So much so that I just held him while he sobbed. Do they have Midol for 2 year olds? Seriously. I read him something like 300 books in my most calmest and soothing voice. We talked at length about animal noises. I transitioned right before book 299 to let him know we were on the last one. HE WAILS at the end of that. I put him in bed. Leave the room. His crying ceased the MOMENT I left the room. Is he crying because he WANTS me to leave? Is that the pattern we are seeing? Or what? I would honestly rather deal with hungry, pregnant women, in the summer, in Arizona, who are forced to wear wool sweaters. It would be easier.

But...when he is calm and cute - you would NEVER see the wails coming. He describes the things happening in his books. He smells like Johnson's No Tear Shampoo. He has clean little toes. He tells me long stories about the animals on his pajamas. He waddles around like a penguin. He says stuff like, "I love you Mama". And then, BAM...SHRIEK. WAIL. Wha happened to my Lulo?

Hmmm...where is that Darvocet for the pain in my neck?


  1. He is two years old and learning how to express what he wants and doesn't want-frustrating but necessary to their crazy child development!! I think too it has to do with the lack of control they have over any part of their life. It DOES get easier, really. But they don't stop expressing what they want......... they just do it differently :) Hang in there!!! You are doing GREAT!!!

  2. Been there..and at times...doing that STILL. The emotional mood swings...Do they make Midol for toddlers??! :) I do agree with Tammy, they are learning to communicate wants and needs and haven't figured out the MOST effective and LEAST annoying way to do that yet :) You will survive!

  3. Oh, and over the weekend, we had a total PMS moment with Brianna. I mean it happens a lot less frequently but when it does you are like, what is the problem!!!! You were in a great mood one second ago and then BAM!! You are crying over nothing-Kids!!!!