Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Dance for the Muffin Top

Today I was wearing a summer dress. I felt like mixing it up and all my sweats were dirty so WHY NOT? J and I are going car shopping this evening and so after the kids' baths I went into my closet to change so I wouldn't get cold.

Well, because I have a morbid sense of curiosity I grabbed some jeans that I haven't worn in a LOOONG time. They are pre-pregnancy, pre-marriage jeans. In fact, I was wearing these jeans when J proposed to me at the Dana Point jetty. They are not (by any means) my skinny jeans. But, I haven't fit into them for a while. So, I chanted "if these don't fit, no big deal."

They fit. They closed and I didn't have to suck in or anything. THEY CLOSED. Woohoo. They comfortably closed. Now, as I sit here, I feel a bit of a muffin top happening and that is to be expected. I am wearing a loose top because I am not into being all "look at my rolls people, I heart my fat." But, I am wearing the jeans and I don't feel embarrassed wearing them in public.

OK. The mornings are paying off. The watching J eat pizza while I eat Smart Ones is paying off. I am sort of happy now as I sit here feeling my muffin top.

Have a nice evening. I'm gonna go find me a car to love in my old jeans.

Can you tell I am doing the happy dance?


  1. WOO HOO!!! Amazing Tina!! I am VERY proud of you...screw PROUD...I think I want to BE LIKE you and wearing MY pre-marriage jeans! Grin... :)