Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take one Down, Pass it Around

The house is quiet. I just washed two bottles and placed them on the bottle rack to dry. No sterilizer anymore.

And for some reason, I thought back to last year.

16 bottles a day. 8 bottles/day per baby. That's a lot of bottles to wash.

Right now, I would have been mixing the next day's pitcher of formula. I would make 64 ounces of formula at a time because there was no time. I would get the first few sets of bottles poured so I wouldn't have to at the last minute.

You know...

I love washing only two bottles. I love reaching for the whole milk. I love that the sterilizer is not cluttering the counter anymore. I love that the checkout lady at Costco doesn't look at me weird because I am buying four large cans of formula and she knows that she just saw me buy four cans two weeks before.


I love that they still smell like babies without being baby babies.
I love that they smile because they are laughing or happy and not because they have gas.
I love that they are more mobile, more interactive, more interesting.

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