Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boobie Pantalones.

In law school, I was in a study group with all guys. We got to choose our study groups and I am glad that I landed with these guys because the stress level was low (or as low as it can be for law school) and they were all smarter than me so I was positively influenced and their knowledge often seeped down to me. Anyhow, we had many, many nicknames for several of the people in our class. Many.

"Friendly Neighborhood" was the name we had for a particularly aloof fellow and I think we called him that because of a specific incident when he was particularly not friendly. "Quilty" was this woman who repeatedly (approximately once a week) wore this awful outfit that basically looked like a purple quilt - large purple buttons, tapered pants. Head shaking as I think about it. "Hatch" a/k/a "Cone Head" had a horrible, horrible haircut reminiscent of Kate Gosling's (of Jon & Kate + Eight) but worse, and higher, and more horrible. "Toadie" was the girl who followed Hatch around.

Get the idea? OOOOK - there is a point here. I obviously became a lawyer - we didn't JUST make fun of people in law school. But if you aren't a lawyer, I just want to say that law school is a breeding ground for people that must be ridiculed while you are sitting around in your study group for 7 hours straight.

So, on that note, I need to speak about Boobie Pantalones. Unfortunately, in the case of Boobie Pantalones, she was a really, really nice (and from what people said) and good professor. She got this name because my friend B and I are horrible people. Also, she wore her pants ("pantalones" en Spanish for the gringos) RIGHT UNDERNEATH her Boobies. In other words, she would wear a top and her pants would be maybe 1 inch below her boobs and her shirt would usually be tucked in and she would have a belt one. Oh, the fashion crisis. As such, she was bestowed the name "Boobie Pantalones".

Anyhow, once again, I have a point.

I totally thought of Boobie Pantalones as of late because for the last 3 years I thought my tops have been shrinking but they are not. I am not getting taller. My torso appears to have remained the same. I don't really get WHY the length of my shirts seems shorter. I THINK the reason is because I am fatter and there was SOME stretching that occurred when I carried my litter last year. I pretty much ALWAYS layer a tank or something underneath shirts to give the illusion of length. I am very much against the "bare midriff". My midriff is gag worthy. So, I don't want anything hanging out. Ew. I respect the eyes of others.

However, today, I was like WHY IS THIS SHIRT SOOO SHORT. And for a brief moment, I pulled up my pants, and the shirt was the PERFECT LENGTH!

Boobie Pantalones, I get it now. I salute you.


  1. T,

    Back away from the shirt, slowly.

  2. LOLOLOLOL!!! That was so funny! By the way I have also noticed the shrinking shirt thing. I still blame it on my dryer!!!

  3. LOL! I too notice the shirt thing...I didn't know WHAT was up with that either...I didn't blame the dryer like Tammy...I just figured my torso was expanding. Shrug! Love the backstory on the nicknames for the people in law school :)

  4. Oh my! Please stop the madness and put the pantalones back where they belong. Thank you for inserting that painful vision of “Boobbie Pantalones” in my head. I’m going to wash my eyes with Clorox now, thanks.

  5. Okay I saw a Boobie Pantalones today at the Faculty Center at UCLA. I almost bust out laughing thinking of this post :)