Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

I've been taking Lulo to preschool for five weeks now, Tuesday/Thursday. We go in. I put him down to sign him in. He cries and wails, grips my leg for dear life. I kiss him, tell him I love him, and that I'll be back after lunch. He cries and wails. I call the school at 9:00 and they tell me - "Oh, Lulo is great, he is outside dancing with his penguin/elephant/dinosaur." Yay!

The drama commenced early today. He wouldn't let me put on his shoes or socks. We wrestled. Crying and wailing. Whining. Exhaustion. He wants to go back in the house and sit on the couch (definitely my kid!). We get to school - his eyes are squished closed. He doesn't want to see that we are there. (Is he joking? This is new.) I take him out of his seat, carry him into school, get to the classroom. Put him down to sign him. He runs happily to his teacher. Gives her a hug.

"Bye Bye Mama. See you later," says Lulo.

"OK. Bye Lulo, I love you, See you after lunch."

"Bye Mama." Silence. Playing happily. Waving. Big grin.

I looked at his teacher confused and walked out of the room, rejected by my child. Oh little Lulo...bu-bye.

Huh, wha, where did the wailing go? OK well, we made it. We survived the transition? When did that happen?

I am so happy we are here but oh, it's a little sad too. I don't want him to cry but I also don't want him to be happy to see me leave. Ha ha. On the one hand, I want him so badly to grow up so that the tantrums will lessen and the problems we have now that require SO MUCH PATIENCE will be replaced by the problems that require logic and reasoning. I think I'll be able to cope with that better somehow. But, at the same time, how I love his little Velcro shoes and sitting with him on the couch in the morning. Talking about Elmo.

I love that sense of accomplishment that I get after he eats a banana after a complete meltdown because I peeled the banana. Um, what am I saying? I don't like that at all. But, it seems my Lulo is getting into the swing of school. And, bittersweet as it may be, I am happy that he is enjoying it. Grow little one. Bye.


  1. LOL Yeah, whenever we have my SIL babysit, she gets there and Brianna says, okay mommy and daddy, you can go now so that I can play with Kathleen. LOL I am glad that she isn't upset we are leaving but man, we get kicked out of our house! I am glad that he has transitioned well, it is one more step to being a big boy :)

  2. I have to echo both of you...Z's favorite person to kick mom and dad out for: Aunt Gerri.This past weekend "No mom, you go to lunch with Daddy. Me and Aunt Gerri will go by ourselves." ARE YOU KIDDING? LOL. I was a pity invite. Ah, they get big so fast...