Monday, April 13, 2009

Breastfeeding is Nonsense

I am so tired of women thinking they "should" or "have to" breastfeed. You don't. Your boobies are yours. Your husband doesn't get to decide. They really aren't his boobies (even if he likes to think so). The doctors and nurses don't live with you. They don't get to decide whether this is good for you and your family.

OK. Yes, yes, it is "better" for your child. Better how? Immunity bla bla bla. OK. Great. Now, what is really better for the child? A more patient, slightly better rested mother. A full stomach. A father who can also bond with the child during feedings. I think those sound like good things too.

There is this huge movement in hospitals and by nurses that breastfeeding is soooo great, Rah! Rah! But, seriously, they need to LAY OFF. For example, when I had Lulo, they used to give formula samples at the hospital AND teach about breastfeeding. When I had the twins, they stopped giving out formula because it "encouraged formula feeding" which is not appropriate. What? You'd think that formula is code for poison. Oh, nice point. Thank you for lobbying the hospitals. Damn La Leche.

I personally take an affront to La Leche and all women who crazily support breastfeeding. Seriously, get over yourselves ladies. You aren't a better Mom because you breastfed and mothers who don't breastfeed aren't worse mothers. Breastfeeding and all the hype is a hoax. Keep your sanity, love your child AND yourself, don't breastfeed. Leave tired Moms alone. Not breastfeeding is a valid choice.


  1. How funny..I was just thinking about this I rent a machine/use Monica's? Do I just say screw it and go cold turkey a la you? Do I "try" and see what happens - just pump n go vs. try the latching thing...sigh.

    Timely post. :)

  2. Yeah, you know how I feel about this one. I think women should do whatever is going to be the least stress for them. If breastfeeding is working out and not stressful, go for it. If your kid is starving and things are not going well, supplement or do full formula. No one should make you feel guilty for the choices that you have made. I honestly see no difference in my formula fed child versus the breastfed children. In fact, Brianna gets LESS sick (even though she is in school 5 days a week) than some of my friends kids that were breastfed.Hmmmmm. Makes you wonder right?? And that 1-2 points on the IQ test?? Isn't that just the standard error?? LOL

  3. I plead the fifth as a Labor and Delivery