Friday, April 3, 2009

Great Scott! EB Session #1 is OVER.

Oh, EB, my density has brought me to you. Alas, my first session of Extreme Bootcamp has expired. I am experiencing a mix of feelings - disappointed but also sort of happy. I am not thrilled. I barely lost any weight - 3 pounds. Cerebrally, I know that weight loss isn't the goal. But emotionally, that NUMBER IS IMPORTANT. Three pounds is what I lose if I don't drink water. Seriously. I worked out A LOT for six weeks. Ate A LOT better than I had for several months. And I only lost 3 pounds. That is crap on a stick. Ever heard of CRAP ON A STICK?

Having said that, my diet wasn't perfect. There is room for improvement. And because I am not the type to wallow in self pity, I will find a solution to my frozen density. It is my density, I mean my DESTINY. The solution that has worked before and will work again is Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers + Working Out = WEIGHT LOSS. No kidding McFly.

I believe this session I went in kind of fearful of what I was going to face. The focus was on getting through and improving my fitness. I honestly don't think my brain could have handled incorporating keeping WW points. I know that it is supposed to become a lifestyle but I don't think that so many parts of my lifestyle could change at once. There is just too many compartments in my life in a delicate balance to add more than one thing at a time. It could lead to a meltdown. The flux capacitor can only take so much and sorry to say it, but J is no Doc Brown.

OK, so what am I happy about - I did improve my fitness. I lost inches. My BMI came down. My body fat came down. My previously 13 minute and 40 second mile is now ELEVEN MINUTES AND NINE SECONDS (11:09!) Wow. My 14 measly sit ups turned into 34. These are amazing milestones for me. I am pleased. I still can't do a full push up but I am not aiming to be Michelle Obama here 9as much as I'd love to give the Queen a hug.) Seriously, why is that NEWS? Sigh.

I also met some very nice people. I enjoyed meeting some different folks all crazy enough to do EB. I think that you have to have a certain personality to enroll in this kind of class in the first place. So, there were some other nice bootcampers. You start to get concerned about them. You know a little about their lives. Stuff like that. It's an experience you get through together and there is a certain amount of bonding through pain that occurs. Some of them make you laugh with their comments. Some don't. Everyone handles the experience differently. I always think it is fun to watch how other people handle it. What they say? What they do? How their attitude changes. I am weird like that.

I also got to know Claremont a little better via my runs. I sort of wish I lived there instead of Pomona. You don't need any kind of weaponry to run in Claremont. It is nice. If I have to live in the Inland Empire, Claremont is certainly a better choice that Pomona. However, our house is finally starting to look like a home and so I am not inclined to go anywhere.

I have also gotten to know my DIs a little better. DI-Size0 is such a great chick. She is motivated and intelligent. She will accomplish stuff in her life. Her Size0 stature is no indication of how smart she is or how much is going on under the hoodie of her sweatshirt. She appears to actually care about us and has a sense of humor. I think it must be hard to motivate fat people into MOVING without being insulting. She seems to have mastered that. Also, to wake up that early consistently just shows to me a hard worker. I admire people like that. Both her and DI-MC have a work ethic that is impressive for people who have barely cracked their 20s. I salute Extreme Bootcamp Claremont and highly recommend it for all those who are inclined to do it.

This was a good week. A lot of hours were billed, invoices for the month were sent out, my knees feel good, my kids are healthier. My Mom is taking the kids for the weekend because the weekend is JAM PACKED with stuff - EB Breakfast, my friend's baby shower of which I am a co-hostess, a wedding. As such, I can't be a mom this weekend. So, the kiddos might as well chill with Gama. Since we wont have the kids tonight or Saturday night. I fully intend on sleeping in as much as possible on Sunday morning. J and I may go do something together too. In fact, I believe the anniversary of our first date is on Sunday. It has been six YEARS since our first date.

If I were to ask Doc Brown to put me in a DeLorean right now to see that first date, I think I would love it. We had so much fun. I went to J's office to pick him up and he taught me to salsa dance in his office. Who knows what the partners in his firm were thinking when the door closed behind us? I wore the WRONG SHOES. They were really cute but wrong for salsa dancing. I also wore a really cute black skirt that I can't find and a v-neck dressy red tank. {Probably a good thing that I can't find the damn skirt, no way I'd fit in it.} I was totally nervous because I really liked him. We ate dinner, danced, talked forever. I think I went home at 3 a.m. which is totally out of character for me. As I drove home, I called my best friend and told her I'd marry him. And I did. And I am happy I did.

And now, back to the future. Maybe we'll go to another rhythmic ceremonial ritual and recreate our first date. We haven't been dancing since Lulo was born and I hear it's good exercise.

{{Now, for the geeks, how many Back to the Future references were in this post? I love that movie. I need to see me some BTTF. }}


  1. Wow!!! I am so impressed by all of your improvement fitness wise and that is AWESOME that you BMI came down and you lost inches. That is truly what matters. Who cares what the scale says. I have issues with weight charts because i think they are not accurate for every individual. And you and J should definitely do something special this weekend-you guys deserve it!!!!!

  2. I love your story about your first date. I also love your experience with EB. You have inspired me to work on me, when I'm over this cold that is - still congested! Scales are snails - its the inches that count. Keep it up. You accomplished yet another goal. :)