Friday, April 10, 2009



This week, sadly, I was sick. This is why there was an utter lack of blog posts. My body patiently waited. It eeked out little glimpses of sore throats and the like so that that MOMENT that EB was over I would be attacked by the viral plague. I lost all the weight I wanted to lose during EB this week. Ha ha. Oh, EB, you should incorporate a little viral love into your classes - it does the body good.

No seriously though, I love that line in that movie The Devil Wears Prada when Emily Blunt says "I am just one stomach flu away from my goal weight." That's me. Except, I think I am 4 stomach flus away. Anywho.

I survived. Woohoo. Rocky Theme Song please.

Tuesday night it fell over me and it has pretty much had me out for the count all week. I didn't work on Wednesday. Fever, Chills, Sweating, Barfing. On, Thursday I checked e-mails and returned a few calls. Lulo decided that on Thursday he really needed to be close to me. Spend more time with me. I thought that was great. I have so much love to give when I want to die. On Thursday night, I massaged my swollen glands and kept taking my Tylenol every four hours. Today, Friday, I am functioning. I worked, put on makeup, did stuff, but I am probably only at 60%. I think that most Moms function well at 60% so I am doing GREAT!


Really, I am sure my Mom got sick when we were growing up but honestly, I never remember her taking a time out. I had some serious nanny adoration this week because I couldn't move. And I SOOOO didn't want to infect my kids. So I kept as much distance as I could, washed my hands until they started peeling (literally), and used Purell like it was going out of style.

As I am thinking about mi amor, Purell, let me digress into a topic that makes me seethe. Just for a moment. Humor me. PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE. DO NOT TAKE YOUR SICK SICK KIDS OUT IN PUBLIC TO TOUCH STUFF? Seriously, what is your problem? Don't bring sick kids to parties. Don't bring them to play dates. Don't take them places where there are other kids. Skip Gymboree. If they have a temperature, they are contagious. Eat the cost of daycare that day. DON'T DO IT, don't even think it. It is disrespectful and rude. Believe it or not, I learned a couple of things when I was a Microbiology TA at LMU (Woot Woot Go Lions), let me dumb it down, when your kid (or anyone) is sick and snotting and tearing ALL OVER THE PLACE and HACKING all over the place, there are little morsels of snot and fluids and tears that get everywhere.

Everywhere. The kids' hands, clothes, shoes, hair. EVERYWHERE. Then it gets on STUFF. Then it gets on other peoples kids. Honestly, just because you can't see snot or smell snot IT IS THERE. Would you, for example, take your kid's diarrhea put it on their HANDS and let them run around the mall/a party/Gymboree etc.? No. So, why? Why snot? STOP. It is rude. STOP. It's not just about you. It's not about getting some time outside and letting the kids burn off energy. If you MUST get outside, like IT IS NECESSARY, like the PHARMACY and you are all alone with no nanny/babysitter/father/grandmother and someone has to go. Then keep your kid close, carry Purell, use the Purell. Don't be gross. Don't let your kid proceed to lick the chairs, the pens, the boxes, the aisles, door handles. Keep them CLOSE. If you MUST go somewhere friend/family or someone is COMING OVER, then TELL THE PEOPLE so they know! Don't just wait until later when they pick up the kid to share that your offspring had some communicative disease. It's not cool.

Oh, I know the eye rolling mothers right now who think:
1. I am crazy.
2. Kids get sick.
3. I am overprotective.
4. I have psychological issues that require assistance.

That's fine. Think it. Yeah, kids get sick. It is flu season. But, help a sister out. Damn. Don't make me feel bad for protecting my kids. You should do the same damn thing.

Woohoo. OK. I feel better.

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  1. You know, I remember one of my brother's friends was soooooooo fanatical about not wanting her kids anywhere near anyone who was sick. At the time I totally thought she was overreacting and being a bit paranoid. Now I know how smart she was and WHY she didn't want to have to deal with sick kids. Especially because it is so stressful when they are little and can't really tell you how they feel so you have to make all decisions by instinct. I tell you, it is amazing how much you DON'T know until you have kids and when you don't have kids you think you have all the answers!! LOL Glad you are feeling better chica!