Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer PJs

I just started putting summer pajamas on the boys. Until a few days ago, it was still getting cold at night. So, they were all in long sleeves and long pants. The nightly ritual of stuffing the twins' really fat legs and chubby arms into these "fire retardant" extra safe pajamas was getting really old. I don't really get the whole safe pajama thing. I put the twins in 18-24 month pajamas and it's like stuffing a sausage into its casing. I sweat trying to get their fat legs into these pajamas. And you may think, "lady, get larger pajamas."

But, alas, it does not matter.

All manufacturers make pajamas tight in all sizes because I think they are trying to prevent some loose pajama-ed child from lighting on fire. I know that this is a serious topic and third degree burns are no laughing matter. But, you know, I wonder if there could be a proper balance between the likelihood of catching on fire and the likelihood of a mother losing her mind and/or the likelihood of accidentally breaking a bone or bruising a kid while trying to shove chubby, clean, rolly polly legs into pajamas. Tell me if I am wrong and I will advocate for the tight pajama.

Anyhow, tonight the tight pant pajamas were replaced by little shorts. The rolls and creases were loose and on display for adoration and kisses. Their legs, except for the creases, are tanned from their afternoon walks.

Lulo is lanky now. He had rolls last year but this year, his legs are long, skinny, and he asks me to put socks on. The passing of seasons dawned on me tonight and I had to breathe it in and be amazed by how the time is flying. It doesn't feel like it from day to day but the tight pajamas were just here. And now, they are in shorts, summer is upon us.


  1. The pajamas are retardedly super tight. You just have to shop for the flame retardant ones, or go to Land's End and such.

  2. Sorry I got cut off. The ones that are not fire retardant have to be the super silly skinny ones. The ones that are looser are made of different material.

  3. I think the whole idea of fire retardant anything is dumb unless you make a living as a fire breather and practice at home. Why would you care or bother. what are the chances? did our parents put us in such things?