Monday, June 8, 2009

Terms of Endearment

For the most part, my husband and I called each other by our last names. He uses my maiden name - GXXXXXX. I use his surname (LXXXXXX) - which is also my surname now that I committed to this marriage and to standing in line at the Social Security office, DMV, and Post Office (for the passport). Anyhow, most people use, "sweetie" or "babe". We use our surnames.


J: "Hey GXXXXXX, can you pass the ketchup?"

Me: "Sure, here LXXXXXX. Can you pass the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake? Thank you, You are the Best LXXXXXXX."

Anywho, Lulo has been running a fever since last night. Last night it was low grade and he was eating like a champ and in a great mood so...I blew it off. Today, it was in that 101 range all day. It started to freak me out when the fever only went up after I gave him Tylenol. Anyhow, I called my Dad 72 times today and each time he said - if he is in a good mood and you gave him Tylenol just wait it out.

Well, I called my Dad again at 4ish and told him that Luk's temp was 101.7 (under his arm) and my Dad said that it sounded like an ear infection since it kept hanging on. And, then, he told me to look in his this is an easy task. Weirdly, I asked Lulo to say AHHHHHH while I look in his mouth and he fully cooperated. I damn near passed out that he cooperated. And then, I damn near passed out when I saw little pockets of PUSS all over his tonsils. NIIIIIIICE.

So, Dad calls in a prescription and I was standing in line waiting for my friendly pharmacist technician (David) to find Lulo's bag o' magic. And then, the actual Pharmacist (real name: My Luc - as in "just my luck") looks up from busily measuring out the Prozac and says, from across the pharmacy:

My Luc: "Hey LXXXXXX, it is a good thing your Dad is a doctor because you would have to wait months for a regular doctor for all the medicine your family needs."

Yep, this is how well I know our neighborhood CVS pharmacist.

Wonder if she has any cheesecake?

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