Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Huh? What?

Who is Speidi? What did they do?

I need to eat mass amounts of chocolate.

Megan Fox bugs me. What did she do? Why do I keep seeing her in dresses?

I need to eat an entire pizza.

The reason I watched Jon & Kate was to see parents ungracefully cope with six children who were the same age. It made me feel better. I could give a rat's heiny about Kate's scooter. I also don't care that they are in a brawl. Just show me the kids. Show me your day to day, that's why we watched your family. Get on it. It's made us feel better about our own chaos. Damn.

I need to eat a french dip sandwich.

I really like Boot Camp. I am going to keep doing that. Go away rolls.

So, I need to eat nothing.

I bet Megan Fox eats nothing.

No, seriously, who is Speidi and why is Al Roker interviewing them? Why does Al Roker interview anyone? He needs to just keep telling me about my neck of the woods.

1 comment:

  1. I got my nails done the other day and finally learned who Speidi was! Heidi and Spencer from The Hills or something like that. Funnnnnny when I found out.