Tuesday, June 9, 2009

$20 in Your Pocket

I am a big fan of rewarding myself before I have accomplished anything. I like to indulge my inner OC. You can take the girl out of OC but you can't take OC out of the girl. So, on that note, before my very first EB, I went to Target and saw some work out stuff. Bought work out sweats in XL. Put them on (at home). I looked like a heiff. Panty lines, cellulite, muffin tops, bulge, needin' a nip/tuck tightness everywhere. This might work for some people but I don't believe in exposing the world to my rolls more than need be. Tight pants and Jog Bras sans Top are not my MO.

I was sort of mad at the world and exclaimed "HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THESE XLS DONT FIT ME." XL was pretty much the only size that still had some room for me. THESE SWEATS were BAD - no room. Just bulges and yuckiness a la Kirstie Alley post Jenny Craig.

So, I tucked them in the drawer. Sadly. No new pants to celebrate my heifferness. I started Boot Camp with my old loose pants. Finished my first session, finished my second session. Started my third session.

Then, this weekend I was talking to my cousin, A, who shared with me her love of Target work out clothes. I told her my sad story about the XLs that weren't and she sheepishly said, "Well, you kind of have to stretch them out." Uh huh, sure. I knew she was thinking..."Tina, I think you were very close to needing 2 plane seats."

Well today, I got out of the shower and I thought. OH I BET THOSE PANTS FIT ME NOW. I bet A is right and they'll fit with a little stretching. I should give them a try.

No dice.

You know WHY? Because, the damn things are Size Medium!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!! That is TOTALLY something that would happen to me. Too funny!! At least that has to make you feel better :)

  2. OMG! Shut up!!! That's got to feel good that you at least GOT INTO A MEDIUM (bulges and all), I doubt they would even get past my knee caps - lol!

  3. Mm, did they fit like your old EMT uniform? Just asking! Don't give up, you are working hard and it WILL pay off. I know it will. But really! how do you confuse XL with MEDIUM, how?

  4. Hahaha! OMG! So you read the color coded hanger wrong or they were put on the wrong hanger? So funny! Glad you are still keeping it up with EB!