Monday, June 29, 2009

Seeking a Promoter

Lulo has been hitting (pushing, kicking, swatting) his brothers. They are moving now. Getting in his space. Drawing attention towards themselves and he don't like it. Not. One. Little Bit. J says that "boys will be boys" and that is fine and good. But the little ones are little and frankly, I am SO not interested in meeting my insurance deductible this year because of Lulo's temper.

If one approaches him, he says he is scared. This is a crock. This is straight from Damn Diego and all the animals he rescues. The twins are half his size and won't do anything to him. I am trying not to freak out and yell. Though, when he nails his brothers or I am trying to get him to stop what his little, mean brain is thinking about doing, I raise my voice. I am trying to let him be and see what happens without getting involved. I've tried time outs and rewards.

Anyhow, because it is easier and more fun and I like seeing them all calato (naked) in the bathtub together - we give them baths together at the same time. I took a break for a couple weeks because Lulo was not having it. He did not want either of the boys even near him. Basically, one day, Lulo hit Jojo in the face, Jojo fell back and hit his head, Jojo shrieking. Juju crying out of sympathy. I yelled at Lulo for hitting his brother. He started crying. I took Lulo out of the bath and removed him from the bathroom. Big mess.

This weekend, everything went OK with bathtime with all three at the same time again so I thought, OK, MAYBE WE CAN DO THIS AGAIN. Routine starts again.

Then, today, I introduced a new toy. Four stupid plastic turtles from Target. Lulo wants all four. Jojo wants one. I tell Lulo to share. He plays with one and puts the other three on the ledge where Jojo can't reach it. Spitefully. {Me, seething.} Jojo tries to get one. Lulo nails him in the face. Jojo falls back and hits his head. Jojo starts crying. I sit Jojo back up and rub his head and he calms down. Jojo waits for Lulo to get close enough and Jujo jabs Lulo in the face. No hesitation. Pure art. Just smacked him one good.

I sort of did a silent cheer for Jojo. That kid is small but mighty. Lulo deserved it.

Is that mean that I sort of cheered for Jojo? J came in the bathroom with calato Juju and asked what happened because I seriously couldn't contain the laughter and I told him.

He said, "boys will be boys." Whatever you want to call it is fine with me. Jojo did some fine work today and we are seeking representation.


  1. LOLOLOL!!! OMG, I have to say I love the fact that Jojo fought back!! Kids are so great!! And it must be so darn cute to see them all in the bathtub together. I give you sooooooooooo much credit Tina-it is a lot of work to raise 3 kids under the age of 3 :)