Friday, February 27, 2009

Just One Bite

I am starving. I am not on a diet per se but I am really trying to eat better per my EB Survival Guide. It also seems wasteful to kill myself every morning and then come home and eat like a cow. So, I am taking it easy. I am being much better than I used to be. And, like all "diets" require, I am writing down all I ingest. Anyhow, I have been pretty good this week. I ate none of the junk that I have been downing in the recent past - no cookies, no candy, no chocolate, no ice cream, no Nutella (oh, I love me some Nutella), no waffles, no cinnamon rolls, no pancakes, no mayo, very little cheese. No "junk".

The comment today made by my Size 0 Drill Instructor in my sanctioned EB mess log in RED: "Be careful with so much sugar/carbs late in the day." Oh, such discouraging words. These "sugar/carbs" were, get this, 2 of those baby, red potatoes, roasted with garlic (and there was so much left over that I painfully resisted!) that I had with a nice piece of chicken breast (baked) and I had some of Lulo's left over smoothie for an after dinner snack (mango, banana, yogurt, 2% milk, honey). Bring the heifmobile over. That ain't sugar and carbs, honey. Last week, J and I would clear a pint of Cherry Garcia and I would wash that down with some Hershey's Kisses. Oh the irony, oh the suffering. Oh, why did she have to write it in red.

Anyhow, for lunch while everyone ate their burgers from Islands. I ate veggie tacos. They were delicious but I could have had 12 more of them. And then, I couldn't stand it...I took one bite of J's burger. One bite. Oh the deliciousness. Oh, and I didn't put the bite in the effing mess log. What would I write: "1 bite burger to prevent a certain untimely death"?

I am weak. But you know, sometimes you just need one bite. I think that little indulgences along the way make life more tolerable.

You want to redecorate and basically throw away all hand me downs in your house and buy all new furniture. Little Indulgence: Throw pillows and glass of wine. A glass of wine makes it look like a room from the Pottery Barn catalog.

You want strangle your husband for pushing the trash down in the trash can so it appears empty long enough for him to leave the room. Little Indulgence: Watch Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice as he tells Elizabeth Bennett he loves her: "you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." (Note: The little indulgence was not to strangle spouse for a short while.)

You want to call it a day at work at 10:30 am. Little Indulgence: Facebook, 1/2 hour.

Bottom line. I am thinking we all have these little struggles ranging from starvation to lack of motivation to matrimonial assault tendencies but if we just have one bite, it may be a little better, more tolerable, more doable. Take a bite today. You'll still be hungry, but you may feel better about it. I certainly do.



  1. Hey chica!! Great post-there was a study that just came out that said that the only thing really proven to help you lose weight is counting calories. It doesn't really matter how much sugar, carbs, protein, etc. you eat. So eat the two potatoes!!! I am sure you will still see a lot of success since it sounds like you are cutting out a lot of the calories you have been consuming. And an indulgence here or there is actually good for you :)

  2. Great post - and so true on the indulgences. If you deprive yourself, you go overboard later. I agree with the counting calories - seriously, I did that and lost weight. I think that is the only thing that works and if you are writing it down anyway, why not?? Keep up the good work - in home, kids, work, eating and working out!