Monday, February 23, 2009

But it's Green

This morning I woke up at 4:45. No, actually I woke up at 1:45, 2:45, 3:45, and then 4:00. I stared at the clock for 45 minutes and turned off the alarm before it went off. I had set up all my EB stuff so that I could just jump in my clothes and go. I drank my coffee nervously and had serious fear about being late and having to run home after a drill instructor took my keys and jumped on them. I was 20 minutes early. I got there (at the same time as the instructors.) It was dark still but I was happy to get there early enough to see where to park because I would NEVER have found it if I wasn't following the instructor. Of course, I parked next to him and wondered if I would have to do extra push-ups if I hit his car by accident. Then, I started to sweat. So, I was sweating before we even started, literally.

We did various calisthenics, stretches, and then we were tasked to run a timed mile before returning for a nice core workout. The thought of running bothers me. I remember high school basketball hell week and it just makes me uncomfortable. Shin splints. Running. Being the last one...clunky, tall, slow, slow, Tina. And I remember the coaches being all annoyed having to wait for me at the finish line as I lumbered through.

But, today, I jogged the first 1/4 mile, then walked "with spirit" for another 1/4 mile, then I jogged the last 1/2 mile. My lungs burned. It rained. But, I survived. I live to die another day. Oh, and I wasn't last. Time: 13 minutes, 40 seconds. I am certain that this was my time in high school too.

Meanwhile, I have eaten 1/2 of what I normally have ingested at this point in a day. I watched everyone in my house eat pizza while I ate a turkey sandwich, no mayo, no cheese. I fear that the ingestion of bread will bring me some kind of punishment. I also have drank more water than I typically do in 3 days.

I drank green tea. Who drinks this? The tea tastes green - and not in a fresh lime way, in a sewery way. I thought green everything was "in" - tea, electric cars, compost heaps, St. Pat's day is coming up, isn't green the new blue? But, this is too many changes in my life at once. Maybe I just need to find another kind of green tea. I literally don't think green tea can get better. Hmm. I will sleep on it until 4:45.

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