Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today, my year as president of my local NAWBO chapter ended which means that I have all kinds of wonderful free time to swim around in. I am not real sure what to do with this time but I am a little twitchy that not one email has come in and fallen into my Outlook NAWBO folder since about 2 pm. Holy shit. What am supposed to do with this freedom?

I could bill. That would be good. Probably would please J tremendously.

I would rather, however, talk about penises. And no, not Weinergate. I am over his penis and pictures thereof. I will also not mention opposing counsel who did not like my very thorough discovery responses.

L. has a song that he sings every night now about his penis. I wouldn't even bother mentioning it if it was one night but this has been a few weeks and it cracks me up. A song and a dance. And I have to control my smile and I can't even let my eyes smile because, truly, it's not appropriate. I mean do they start so young with this fascination and how does the fascination manage to stick around to the point that it can bring down a sophomoric, albeit charismatic, Congressman?

I digress. After his bath when I am attempting to dry him off and dress him, he walks around the room and puts his penis on every object he can find and sings a verse:

I put my wee wee on Mooooommmy. Booty Shake.
I put my wee wee on the bed. Booty Shake.
I put my wee wee on the bookcase. Booty Shake.
I put my wee wee on the dresser. Booty Shake.
I put my wee wee on the chaiiiiiir. Booty Shake.

And so on and so forth. I am pleased that he has such a strong handle on his vocabulary and likes to dance. I am little curious about the tune he sings the song to because it reminds me mildly of a porn soundtrack. It's definitely not from Alpha and Omega. Whatever. I would record because it is so funny but then he will think that dancing with his package is funny and special and then one day L Jr. will end up on Twitter and we know how that ends.

What's with boys and their members, really? Sigh. I think I know. I don't need answers to this. But seriously, this does not bode well. Imagine all three dancing like this or all four...crap, this can't be good. To be continued.

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