Monday, October 4, 2010

You Can Take the Boy Out of Egypt But You Can't Take the Egypt Out of the Boy

Today, I went to go retrieve the boys from school. I got the twins first because Lulo was still eating lunch when I spied him.

When I got to the twins classroom, they asked me if the boys had slept alright the night before. I said that they had. She said that they were "out of sorts" and whiny. She then mentioned that maybe they were getting sick or something and to keep any eye out.

She also mentioned that Juju got frustrated and when the teacher turned around...he took his shoe off and chucked it at her.

Nice. Sigh.


  1. One bad day and the teacher says they might be getting sick? Yikes. We haven't had any shoe chucking in school, but one day Sue Sue was mad that she couldn't have juice at snack time (apple juice upsets her stomach and that was what was being served) so she chucked a full cup of water at the teacher. Is it wrong that I secretly thought it was a tad funny? (This is in hindsight, of course. Initially I was mortified).

  2. I wanna chuck my shoe at somebody today.