Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New Routine

Is it weird that I still get extremely nervous and aggravated when the children decide that they are going to be difficult at bed time and they cry for no reason? I mean, I have 3 kids under 4, I should be used to the noise, the whining, the tears. But I get annoyed. Really annoyed. I am so dedicated to routine. I hold it dear. I hate when it gets all weird and changes. J says I have control issues. I do. I have them. But dude, I don't want crying over nonsense. If you cry, something better be wrong. An organ better be somewhere it should not be. There better be poop. Something. Otherwise, I just get angry. I have to deep breathe.

Their bed time is my me time. Selfish, yes? When I put them in their room in their crib, don't get out...don't cry. Just go to bed, what's the issue. I am so over them sometimes.

Yesterday, the twins lost their mind. They were crying and crying when we put them down. There is this now, long drawn out routine when it was always two books and then in the crib, Goodnight.

Now, it's little by little the twins added weird little things to become this ridiculous amalgam of lameness. I don't get it. How did we get here? How do I get out of this? I am started to hate hugs.

The New Routine that I HATE:
  • Bath
  • Books (2)
  • "Cholito Dance" (the first addition - a ridiculous dance so termed by their father whereby the children all march out of the room and dance around a huge bean bag we have)
  • Fly (the second addition - their father grabs them all and flings them onto said pillow about 32 times - each day someone is injured mildly by a plastic toy or by a limb of someone else.)
  • Cholito Dance back to the room
  • Mr. Knickerbocker Song and Dance (Hey Mr. Knickerbocker boppity bop...)
  • Ladybug - I honestly have no friggen idea how this started but I fully blame our last ridiculous nanny. There is a door stopper thing on the door and the kids call it a lady bug and we have to hoist them up to close the ladybug...every. damn. day.
  • Light - Everyone has to turn the light on and off - and then if someone does it more than once - they both do.
  • Crib.
Now at this point, everyone wants numerous hugs - numerous like 1200. Like, I leave and they cry for more. I can't hug them anymore. Yesterday, I barely survived. They cried for more hugs and then more and then more and then more and then when we let Jojo cry....HE CLIMBED OUT OF HIS CRIB. Really? REALLY? Do you wanna go there after all those damn hugs? I am so done with this routine. It's ridiculous. I want out.

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