Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Family "Vacation" - Part I

We decided to go to San Diego for a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) with the kids. Stay at a hotel. Go to some Theme Parks. The next few posts will tell the tale. This is Part I. There is no particular logical order.


A friend told me that to avoid the constant nagging of a child asking for stuff at store to tell them, when you walk in, that you will not get them anything if they ask for it, but you will get them something at the end of the day if they don't ask and they are well behaved. I thought this sounded reasonable. So, I tried to drill this in Lulo's head.

And it worked. Sort of. Instead of asking me for various stuff and plastic toys constantly on Saturday, Lulo waited until he knew the day was dying down and asked, about 20 times in 30 minutes, whether I was forgetting something.



  1. LOL - I have tried this...and yes...same experience - Sigh.

  2. LOL! I think we all have and have had similar experiences :) It gets a little better as they get older. In fact, we recently went to Disneyland and I told Brianna we were getting NO toy at all. That she had a choice between an ice cream treat or a balloon. I honestly wasn't sure it was going to work but she chose the ice cream treat. She did mention something at one point but when I reminded her what the plan was she was like, oh maybe I could get that another time when we come here. So there is hope!!