Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Review that Made the Cut

So this is what I think I will go ahead and post as my review…is it better?  a little less psycho?

Dear Potential Employer:

Our family worked with Aline for almost two years.  She started out being really great, she had a good relationship with the kids, and she was mostly very reliable.  However, she began to slack off over time.  She spent a lot more time on her cell phone texting and calling friends…even when the kids were awake and in front of her.  She also stopped interacting with them as much.

On what turned out to be her last day, I was concerned about something that happened that could have only happened if she was not paying attention to my kids.  I guess she did not like that I questioned her because after I went back to work, she texted me that she had left my house and was not coming back.  In other words, she left my kids unattended and texted me to end a two year relationship with my family.   

My advice:  Try another nanny.  She is not trustworthy, ethical, responsible, or mature.  I would be very concerned about leaving any kids in her charge.

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